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San Juan Islands Makers Guild

Our Mission
The Guild’s mission is to foster Island Maker Communities by promoting locally made products, increasing public engagement in the Islands' Maker Movement, and undertaking strategic community-based education, cultural and economic strengthening.

The Guild's three cornerstones are:
Community, Education and Economy

A core value of the Guild is celebrating and sharing the unique island landscapes, lifestyles and creative industries of San Juan County, Washington.

The Guild offers services and activities for Makers, Learners, Buyers, Small Businesses and Maker Organizations across all creative industries.
To Foster the San Juan Islands Maker Community, the Guild Provides:
  • A Networking Hub for Resource Sharing
  • Capacity Building for Small Businesses, Maker Organizations, Collectors, and Learners
  • Marketing for Maker Economy growth
  • Grants to support Maker Enterprises
  • Activities that engage the public with creative Maker products, experiences, and solutions
  • Educational workshops for DIY, passion-driven, and professional Makers.
The Guild's Leading Strategic Goals Are To:


  • Encourage connections and collaborations
  • Host and promote educational activities that improve quality of life and strengthen the community
  • Broaden markets for local products
  • Increase local employment opportunities
  • Foster mentoring for all ages
  • Build a year-round economy
  • Promote resource efficiencies and demonstrate viable pathways for future creative entrepreneurs.

the Makers Guild Programs in Action

Spirit of the San Juans

The San Juan Makers Guild is a community program serving San Juan County. Founded 2019

Development contact, Stephen Shrader:

Program contact, Marcy Montgomery:

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