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Welcome to the

San Juan Islands Makers Guild

Inspired By The Magnificent Beauty of the Land and the Sea

The San Juans are a precious resource, jewels in the Salish Sea, that have been revered for generations.

Today, Island Makers respond to this stunning natural environment through a variety of expressive mediums, inventions and manufactured goods. The works that emerge are fed by this remarkable, unforgettable setting - and a strong commitment to protecting the islands' natural resources for future generations.

Serving Makers, Learners and Buyers through our Fun Community Events, Hands-on Workshops and and Maker Stories promoting Island Maker products and services. Find out about classes, workshops, tours and special events via buttons to right.

For Makers we provide networking, education, marketing, event promotion, and grant support to foster a thriving Maker Community.

Meet Island Makers

San Juan Makers are hard at work, tucked away in their studios and shops, out on the farm, in the kitchen, or performing and inspiring! 

The Maker Directory is a fun peek into their creative worlds and remarkable imaginations.  Celebrate Island Ingenuity!

Playful, Passionate and Productive

Makers Guild Programs in Action

Art Exhibits, Tours & Workshops
Join island painters, photographers, printmakers and sculptors for live learning experiences
Earth Day Festival, Parade and Film Fest
Eastsound Waterfront on Orcas Island in April
Winter Artisans Markets, Orcas Island
Pop-Up Makery Workshops
Many Hands, Many Wonders, Lots of Joy
Farm Tours with Makers and Growers
September and October on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez
Outdoor Makers Fairs
on Orcas, Lopez and San Juan Islands
Film making and Storytelling
Celebrating Island Makers and Farms
Island Bounty Art & Food Events
Celebrating San Juan Islands' Art, Food and Farms
Harvest Table Dinners
Housing and the Future of Food
Researching Grower, Maker and Food Industry Affordable Housing
Island Makers Asset Mapping and Needs Study
USDA Rural Business Development funded start-up project
Orcas Wonder Camp
Hands on learning with Master Makers
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Makers Hub News and Networking

Tools and Resources for Makers in the San Juans

Serving Maker Enterprises, DIY/Hobbyists, Lifelong Learning, and Community Partnerships

Deepening Roots, Growing Makers

How to Join - Friends of the Makers Guild

We welcome professional Makers on the San Juan Islands to join as Members – plus invite DIY learners and hobbyists of all ages and at all levels of skill development to enjoy Membership benefits. Community & Corporate Sponsorships are welcomed and appreciated!

Together, we are fostering the burgeoning Makers Movement and building economic stability and resilience for island communities in San Juan County.

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Your support brings Master Maker programs to the Islands for local residents, youth, and visitor enrichment and enjoyment. One time or subscriber donations are welcome!

This Month's Featured Maker Stories

Earth Day 2024

Welcome to Earth Day Orcas 2024. This popular Eco Fair offers activities for all ages with art, music, science, poetry and returns to the Eastsound Waterfront on Saturday, April 20th.

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Masthead image ‘Madrona Grove’ courtesy Peter Fisher Photography. ‘Jones Island’ courtesy Robert Dash Photography.

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