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Share Your Interests Through the Maker Survey !

We welcome Maker input across multiple sectors to help inform and strengthen the San Juan Island Maker Community. Share your interests, products, activities and needs. Join the Networking Hub!


This Survey is for Professional, DIY/Hobby, Small Business, and Maker Organization community members in San Juan County, WA.

Services for Maker, Learner & Sponsor Members

Community Connections         Education        Fostering a Year-Round Maker Economy   

The Makers Guild hosts opportunities for Networking, Capacity Building, Workshops, Marketing, Special Events, 

and Grant Support to foster a thriving Maker Community

LEVEL ONE MEMBERS – Makers and Organizations that participate in Guild Fairs, Exhibits and Education programs are automatically provided with the Level One Membership at no cost. Level One provides priority access to education, marketing and networking opportunities. For Professional, DIY Makers, and Organizations.

LEVEL TWO MEMBERS – Professional Makers who join an education, marketing or higher level of support cadre are provided with a Level Two Membership at no cost and are eligible to participate in training, grant and loan support programs to help build their enterprises or organizations. Includes opportunity to participate in the Made in the San Juans online marketplace.

Please contact with any membership inquiries.

Maker 2 Maker Directory Listings

The Guild’s current work is building a robust Makers Platform that includes the Networking Hub and the Makers Directory that showcases “who is making what, where” in San Juan County.



The first step is to join the Hub, and second step is to create a listing in the Directory. We have listing types for Professional and Organization Makers, and another for DIY and Life Long Learner Makers.



To help Makers build their listing, the Guild offers free 1-hour classes that help you prepare your listing materials and then post them online. Easy instructions plus supportive teachers and voila, you have a listing!



Benefits of creating a Listing (or Listings) are:

• Inclusion in a countywide Makers Directory for resource sharing and community building and, if a small buisness or organization, help connecting with buyers, clients and supporters.

• Invitations to benefit from grant-funded programs and direct services that promote Maker skills, resource sharing and enterprises.

• DIY, Professional and Organization networking and events

• Opportunities to sell your work or promote services through our seasonal Makers Fairs serving all islands.


The Makers Hub - A Resource Center

The Makers Hub is a new members-only resource and networking space where you can access information and communication tools that help Professional and DIY Maker connect and create. As we build out the Hub and more Makers join, additional resources will be added.



It is free and easy to register for a Hub account.

Includes access to the Makers Forum and Learning Opportunities.


In the Makers Hub you can opt to build and monitor your Professional Listing or DIY Profile, participate in community building, information sharing and tool library development, find Maker Spaces, add maker events to the community calendars, and get to know fellow makers.


We also host classes and meetings through the Hub and offer professional and skill development workshops and multi-media Maker storytelling on the Hub.



Membership in the Hub is free, all San Juan County Makers are welcome to register!

Life long learning is a journey through creative, skill developing, experiential activities that enrich our lives.

Activities for Learners

The Makers Guild is hosting, facilitating or promoting live and online skill building, cultural, and educational activities:

  • Maker Tours and Fairs in the San Juan Islands
  • Hands-on workshops and retreats to learn with Master Makers
  • Online sessions that promote learning and discovery
  • Youth mentoring linking future namers with entrprenuers and visionary creatives
  • Options to join the Friends of the Makers Guild group as a member and donor.

Classes open to DIY and Professional Makers from the Islands and afar.

Requests to be a teacher, volunteer, or for student internships and mentoring can be sent to

Services for Community Partners

To help strengthen the creative and business operations capacities of local Maker industries and organizations, the San Juan Makers Guild also builds relationships between tourism, retail, government and agriculture sectors with the aim of improving economic resiliency across our rural island communities. 


We welcome small business and corporate sponsors that share our goals and support our creative industry mission.

Inquiries from Community Partners and Sponsorship Package details can be sent to

Friends of the Makers Guild

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