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Guild Funding & Beneficiaries

San Juan Islands Makers Guild Program Funding, 2019-current


COMMUNITY MATCHING   The largest start-up investment being made to date in developing and delivering the Makers Guild programs is coming from VOLUNTEERS. Calculating the amount of donated time and effort our volunteers have provided, more than 5,000 hours of un-paid, volunteer time has been invested between all of the Guild’s volunteers, 2019-2022. At an average of $40 an hour, that is a $200,000 in-kind investment. These efforts include project development and administration, photography, travel, materials and supplies.


GRANT and CONTRACT FUNDING   The second circle of funding is GRANT and CONTRACT funding. 100% of grant funding is invested directly into community services including team time, materials, venue rentals, advertising and supplies. Contract funds are likewise tied to specific line item deliverables.


To date, the Guild’s fiscal sponsor has received the following funding that has assisted the Makers Guild in completing its tasks:

  • USDA Rural Business Development Grant 2020, $40,000 for asset mapping, needs assessment, market study; in-kind matching $ 29,622.25
  • San Juan County LTAC 2022, $25,000 for Guild and partner organization tourism promotion, events and materials on three islands; in kind-matching of $25,578.54.
  • San Juan Islands Conservation District 2022, $14,945 for LTAC tourism promotion services, events and materials for Farm and Food events, cash and in-kind matching $6,800.
  • WA State Dept of Commerce 2022, $50,000. Pandemic funds for program costs
  • San Juan County LTAC for Guild and partner organization tourism promotion 2023, $35,000 for events and materials on three islands; in-kind matching of $15,000
  • San Juan Islands Conservation District 2023, $16,000 for LTAC tourism promotion services featuring Food Heroes
Total Grants and Contracts to date: $180,945
Total Costs to date: $380,945 including deliverables, matching services and materials

Program & Funding Beneficiaries

Small Business Level Two Beneficiaries: 
Cadre #1 – Incubator & marketing services
San Juan Island Distillery
Printshop Northwest printed textiles
Ula Botanic bodycare
Chicaoji sauces
Madrone Cellars wines and ciders
Zacharya Leck public art sculpture
Orcas Island Distillery
Arbordoun Farm and Bodycare
Aurora Farm
Pelindaba Lavender Farm
Blacktail Bass and Beef
Swamp Sticks Baskets
Blooming Mind Media
Orcas Video
Treehouse Digital Services
San Juan Islands Innovation Center
Imagine Music and Arts Festival
The Kitchen
Cadre# 2 – Marketing services
Orcas Artists Studio Tour
Satya Curcio Photography
True Grace Photography
Mama Bird Farm
Sweet Earth Farm
Paula West Pottery
Nixon Art Glass
Girl Meets Dirt value added foods
San Juan Island Sea Salt
Heather Arps textiles
West Beach Farm
Sheila Metcalf weaver
Sunnyfield Farm goat cheese
Barn Owl Bakery heritage island grown bread
Bruce Richardson sculptor
Midnight’s Farm
Watmough Bay Farm
Taproot community kitchen
Lopez Artists Guild
Ayame and Yuriko Bullock Studio
S&S Homestead
Sweet Earth Farm
Warm Valley Farm
Swamp Sticks Baskets
Warm Valley Orchard
Level One Beneficiaries – Organizations
(have participated in exhibits, events, fairs, research studies,
sponsorships, funding, collaborations or marketing services)
San Juan County Arts Council
WSU Extension
Western Washington University, Salish Sea Institute Fellows
San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild
Orcas Center Visual Arts Committee
San Juan Islands Conservation District
San Juan Island Grange
Lopez Grange
Transition Lopez
San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
Transition San Juan
Northwest Agriculture Business Service
Orcas Island Lit Fest
OPAL Community Land Trust
Lopez Community Land Trust
San Juan County Community Development
San Juan County Food System Team
Orcas Library
Lopez History Museum
Friends of the San Juans
San Juan County Land Bank
Orcas Exchange
Orcas Island Garden Club
SJC Master Gardenrs
Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture
Bullocks Permaculture Homestead
San Juan Island Home Trust
Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce
Orcas Community Food Cooperative
Source-paper and Leaping Fool
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Orcas Island Artist Studio Tour
Lopez Island Artist Guild and Studio Tours
San Juan Island Studio Tour
Cider Festival / Orcas Senior Center
Fidelis Circle
West Sound Community Club
Orcas Island Yacht Club
Oddfellows Hall
San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau
Lopez Locavores
Northwest Innovation Resource Center
Washington State Parks
Level One Beneficiaries – Small Businesses, Artists and Authors
(have participated in exhibits, events, fairs, research studies,
sponsorships, collaborations or marketing services)
WA State Poete Laureat, Rena Priest
Jill McCabe Johnson
Abigail Prout
Iris Graville
Darvill’s Bookstore
Earth Ball
Rainshadow Solar
John Raymond Berry
George Post
Zackarya Leck
Monaghan Consulting
Rafe Pearlman, Music
Burke Mulvaney, Music
Joel Gamble, Music
Sharon Abreau, Music
Josie Dow, Music
Derek Eisel, Music
Warm Valley Farm
Orcas Food Coop
Island Thyme bodycare
Morning Star Farm
Orcas Island Market
Inspired Earth Tea
San Juan Vineyard
Boat House Cider
Hepheastus woodworking
Olga Rising café
Farm to Ferry café
Vortex Café
Emmes Furniture
Caldera Glass
Edee Kulper
Matia Indigo Jones
Wind Water Rock
Vortex Cafe
Kim Middleton
Michelle Hamon
Linda Ransley
Zoe Osenbach
Janet Gadallah
Shannon Borg
Island Fibers yarn and weaving
John Fletcher woodworking
Shannon Belthor Sculpture
John Raymond Barry painter
David Densmore painter
Steven Hill Painter
Peter C Fisher Photography
Ibis Element jewelry
Forest Ceramics
Sweet Craft Bakeshop
Studio 45 glass
Petal and Clay ceramics
Laura Yeats Woodworking
Menacho Indigo Textiles
Land Sea Gomasio
Island Knitwear
Sea Starling Jewelry
Robert Dash Photography
Island Bound Books
Lopez Soap and Body Care
Chuck Silva Jewelry
Chandelle Anderson Ceramics
Orcas Farm
Mary Jane Elgin ceramics
Woodsia printed textiles
Indigo Jewelry
Felt + Clay Gallery
Warm Valley Orchard yarns and weaving
Cisco Woodworking
Schultz Papercraft
Delmy’s Café
Ravenswood Art
Farm to Ferry Cafe
Fabled Flora
13 Moons
Candis Susol
Deborah Babcock
Carol A Anderson
Larry Paluzzi photography
Kate Wood
Greene Atelier
Lopez Locavores
Orcas Winery
Charlie MacPherson
Maria Root
Peter Oleson
Karyn Lindquist
Rebecca Cohen
Friday Harbor Atelier
Studio Wylde
Inese Westcott
Joy Hughes
Jill Bliss
Irthlingz, Sharon Abrea and Michale Hurwicz
Mermaid Botanicals
Cascadia Homestead Builders
Whidbey Island Candles
The Orcasonian
Islands Sounder
San Juan Island Journal
partial list
Photography by Edee Kulper and Satya Curcio

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