Inspiring Works From Rural Farms, Forests, & Charming Villages on the Salish Sea

Besides good coffee and affordable housing ... what do Makers Need?

Listening and Learning, Moving to Action.

The 2022-2023 Winter Makers Visioning Circles are a great opportunity to hear what Island makers need and their ideas for how the Guild can be of help.

Notes from Orcas Visioning Circles, Nov 13, 22 and Jan 22, 23

Key values: Community Connections

Education – learning and teaching

Building a year round Economy




Creating a directory for all makers to be able to stay in contact and to have the opportunity to reach out to one another. 

Workspace- this was mentioned over and over again that we all desire a space to hold workshops, teachings, studio space, art shows, gatherings, a shared tools library and housing for makers.


Public Art – Makers would love to see a Public art show put on. One idea was to make a show on one of the public walking paths. Help boost the mood and awareness of art on this island. 


Gather a list of existing workshops on the island and begin to pair makers up with useful space, use the working spaces that are already here for upcoming events, mentorships and workshops- keep it simple to help get the ball rolling and the community established. 


Orcas makers would love to see a summer art fair this year like the one the Guild held on San Juan island. As a companion to the Winter Makers Market.


Host open space meetings where makers barnstorm ideas and goals, groups break out with different topics of interest. 


More events for the makers to meet with one another and network.


For the time being many makers would like the Guild to use the resources and space that is currently available. And to help the makers organize workshops and offerings.


Get kids involved with the program.


Makers want to be heard and have an ear to listen to what they need and want. 

Reach out to the ports for facility help.


Help the county move forward with accessible walking paths on the island, transportation for ferry walk-ons. They would also like to see the regulations lifted for food trucks so more events can take place. 


They would love to offer mentorship programs. 


Makers want to see the community build the Guild and the Guild to form an Advisory Council and Board.