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Maker Stories: Explore Island Ingenuity and Creativity

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The Creative Industries across all fields are the home of imaginative visionaries who can dream an idea into being. Join us in learning more about the Makers we admire and support. Through out each month we will add fresh new stories, some with video, to enrich our lives by celebrating the ingenuity of our amazing Makers.

This creative generative process is fascinating as it wells up from within a maker’s heart and mind. While magic does happen, there is a brave risk being taken. That risk taking happens in the studio or workshop – can the idea lead to an appreciated outcome? And the next risk takes place in the marketplace – is there a need for – or interest in – what I have created?


As we gather stories about our featured Makers, and share experiences of their work, we invite you to not only enjoy seeing or experiencing their work, but also to learn more about ‘what makes a Maker tick?‘.

Makers are listed alphabetically by last name, in island groups. Click name to open story.

Zack Leck
Blacksmith and Sculptor
Sharon Ho
Felt + Ceramics Studio
Margaret Shafer
Ibis Elements
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Bruce Robinson
Stone and Wood Sculptor
Raven Skyriver
Glass Sculptor
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San Juan Island Stories

  • Paula West Pottery
Paula West
Paula West Pottery and Gallery

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