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Zackarya Leck – Blacksmith and Sculptor

Zackarya Leck – Blacksmith and Sculptor, Orcas Island.

Having grown up in a creative household – blacksmith father, textile artist mother – Zack has always been engaged with the making of things both practical and artistic.  He started blacksmithing after watching his dad at work in the backyard and during high school began receiving commissions that I executed after hundreds of hours in his shop.  This has been his avocation and livelihood ever since.


Zack has undertaken large public art sculpture projects in the San Juans and manufactures household, garden and commercial pieces, often conducting a detailed design process that captures the client’s specific needs – and imagination. His work reflects the natural environment with marine, tree, bird, plant and free form shapes that turn functional pieces into remarkable works of art.


Working in a shop on Orcas Island that is packed with fascinating tools and machines and situated in a historic mill, Zack is also offering hands-on workshops and mentoring to assist aspiring blacksmiths to develop the skills to launch their own projects or enterprises.


Scrolls, spirals, tapers.  The language is archetypal and universal, describing truths about ourselves – DNA, patterns in nature and the universe. The forge is indeed a microcosm of the universe. All four elements are present – earth, water, fire and air. It is the job of the smith to balance all of these elements, then add to that his creativity and muscle to breathe life into the iron.


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" I love the directness of smithing.  It’s truly a spontaneous, hands-on process that yields immediate and tangible results.  The history is fascinating, and I’m very pleased that more people are rediscovering and appreciating this ancient craft."

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