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San Juan Island Artists’ Studio Tour – June

San Juan Island Artists' Studio Tour.

 June launches the summer with the San Juan Artists’ Studio Tour. Jourmeying across the island, along rural lanes, on farms, and in town, there are great choices to make a weekend of the Tour.

Every year the tour is organized by the artists that are participating that year. On the first weekend in June, with the coming of longer days and warmer weather, the artists invite you to visit their private spaces to see artwork created over the quiet winter season. The idea of sharing the artistic process and to inspire others was central to the original concept of the tour, and that continues to make the tour the popular event that it is today.

Since 1991

The idea of an island artists studio tour was arrived at independently by several island artists in 1990 and the first tour took place in 1991. 

The artists mentioned the idea to each other of opening their studios to the public so that their island friends and neighbors could see what they were up to while hiding away in their studios. They wanted to show the public how the various arts were created and to create an event that was a celebration of the creative spirit. Thus the San Juan Island Artists’ Studio Tour was born.  

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