Inspiring Works From Rural Farms, Forests, & Charming Villages on the Salish Sea

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Apr 06
Art and Music, Earth Day Orcas

Islands Art and Music festivities are celebrating Earth Day on the Eastsound…

Jan 16
SJI Innovation Center Planning Group

Planning Project: SJI Innovation Center. Regenerative Solutions for Agriculture and…

Jan 19
WA State Poet Laureate, Rena Priest 4/22

Listen, to the Wild. Summary     Listen, to the Wild is a literature, science and…

Jan 13
Visioning Circles: Orcas, San Juan and Lopez

Lopez Community Visioning Circle March 19th, 2023  Community Visioning Circle…

Jan 16
Housing and the Future of Island Food

All Partners in the Food System need affordable worker housing Food System Housing…

Jan 29
Every Maker Has a Story

Maker Stories Introduction – Every Maker has a Story. The Creative Industries…

Jan 28
Raven Skyriver – Glass Sculptor, Lopez Island

GUEST MAKER: Raven Skyriver, Glass Artist, Lopez Island. Walking into an exhibit of…

Jan 21
Mary Jane Elgin – Ceramics, Orcas Island

Mary Jane Elgin – Ceramics and Classes, Orcas Island. Mary Jane’s ceramics…

Jan 19
Zackarya Leck – Blacksmith and Sculptor

Zackarya Leck – Blacksmith and Sculptor, Orcas Island. Having grown up in a…

Jan 29
Paula West – Ceramics

Paula West Pottery, San Juan Island. Pottery production is challenging and requires a…

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