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Mary Jane Elgin – Ceramics Classes, Orcas Island

Ceramics Studio Classes with Mary Jane Elgin, Orcas Island.

I regularly teach weekly ceramics hand-building classes throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring months. Each session is 6 to 8 weeks long and is available to beginning as well as advanced students. The classes are small, no more than 6 students, and meet once a week for 2 1/2 hours. During this time I instruct beginning students in pinching, coiling and slab building techniques, the three foundations of hand-building. More experienced students come with their own agendas as to what they would like to create and I am happy to engage with them about their methods of production as well as trouble shoot with them when necessary. I supply all the tools and materials that are needed and the bisque and glaze firings are also included in the cost of the classes.

During the Summer months I provide workshops for practicing various skills and the making of more specific objects. These are usually two days in length and are accessible for visitors and locals alike.

It’s always a joy for me to see what people decide to create, and probably the best part for me is all I learn from working with my students. I love to see the new ways my students uncover for approaching the clay in front of them and creating something new, personal and innovative.

Guild Member since 2019

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