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The front end of the Makers Directory is a Gallery of Featured Makers. This is a curated space where we interview and introduce leaders in different creative industries and is a fun and informative way to learn about some great works going on across the San Juans and special events for Makers.

The next level of the Directory are searchable Maker-built listings that each professional maker, small business enterprise, educator, or maker organization can use to describe their mission, products, accomplishments, and ways to be reached. Makers register to create a listing and build the listing themselves using easy text and image tools. We’ve worked hard to bring this custom designed listing tool to you and look forward to seeing what you share. While we monitor these listings, they are 100% the Maker’s responsibility to create and manage.

• Listings in the Professional Directory are for makers earning an income from their products and for organizations providing services to Makers.

• Makers with Professional listings are eligible to apply for small business grants through the Makers Guild and are invited to classes and workshops to help build and strengthen your enterprises.

• The Directory provides you with a listing page that can have up to six subcategories in the search tool to help people find your work across one or more mediums or industries.

• A great bonus of the Directory is a dynamic dashboard showing you the analytics of visitor activities and trends in viewers.

• Your listing allows you to describe your work and to upload and manage up to 12 photos that are 500MB or smaller in size. Each of the image tiles in the gallery can be clicked on and opens up for fuller viewing.

• You can also create a link to your web site, and provide contact information of your choice including email, social media, geographic location on a map, and phone.

• If you sell through your web site, or another host site, you can also link to that store.

• When a Maker is selected for a feature in the curated Gallery, that feature will serve as a highly visible portal to your listing, and likewise your Gallery article will be linked to from your listing page for additional information to share with your viewers.

• If you are also a teacher, you are welcome to set up a Classes/Workshops listing, separate from your main listings, and we will tie that to our Calendar and Activities sections for active promotion.

Thanks to support from a Rural Business Development Grant from the USDA, the Professional Maker Directory membership fees are waived through the end of 2022. Starting in 2023, we anticipate offering the listings for a flat annual fee, with additional marketing options, classes and workshops.

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