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Makers Forum : Community Conversations

The Makers Guild is hosting this Makers Hub as a communication and networking platform to help build connections and promote solution building for all types of Makers in the San Juan Islands.


Once you have an account in the Makers Hub, you are a Maker Member and are welcome to launch or participate in conversations that help you access resources, learn, plan, and build a stronger Makers Community. 


There is no cost to become a registered member in the Makers Networking Hub. 


If you are already enrolled as a member, and have a DIY or Professional Maker listing in the directory, you are welcome to use this platform at any time.

You have the option to start a conversation theme, read or post in your own Island section, or to join in a conversation on a county-wide scale.


Note: This is a self-regulating environment, please speak respectfully and on topic. You can flag a post that you find to be outside the Maker subject area, inappropriate, or offensive. We’ll do your best to monitor the red flags and take action, and always welcome suggestions for improving this community networking tool.


Ask. Inquire. Discover. Share. Give. Problem Solve. Create!

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